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Forum Rules

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Forum Rules

Post by Kei on Sat Oct 29, 2011 5:27 pm

General Rules

★ Treat each other with respect. If you don't like the way someone is acting either ignore them or please take it to PM or away from the forum completely. Any personal attacks on another member may result in getting banned from the forum. We're all fans of SPIV STATES here so lets try and get along~

★ No Hotlinking. It's common sense~

★ Please try to use the correct spelling and grammar. Do not use chat speak. An idea would be to write your post out in word before hand or use the spell check function on the forum.

★ Inactive accounts will be deleted regularly. An inactive account is an account where a member has posted before, but has been away from the forum for longer than two weeks (14 days). If you know you're going to be away, then please make a post HERE.

★If you have not posted within 14 days of joining the forum then your account will also be deleted.
(this is to stop people from joining just to access the Media section to download things. We want ACTIVE POSTERS, not leechers.)

★ One account per person. You are not allowed to make more than one account here! Anyone found to be doing so will have their IP banned and accounts deleted.

★ If you have a problem, question or suggestion please feel free to contact me or any other staff via PM.

Posting Rules

★ If posting Images, Translations or Media, please make sure you CREDIT the original scanner/translator/uploader with a LINK back to where you found what you're uploading. If possible GET PERMISSION to post what you're posting.
(If you get told off for posting something of someone's because you haven't asked them if you can, it's not our problem.)

★ When posting Fan Fiction/Fan Art/Cosplays make sure that you ONLY post your OWN work, unless given written permission by the original artist to post their work. Do NOT claim other's work as your own.

★ Please use correct spelling and grammar. If you're not sure something is spelled right, check it via Google or something. There is a spell check function on the forum that is quick and easy so make use of it.
(Obviously if English is not your first language then it's expected that you may make mistakes but please try your best! But we won't tell you off if you makes mistakes.)

★ Any images posted cannot be more than 500 pixels in width or 700 pixels in height. If an image exceeds this limit then you will be asked to resize it. If you don't do that your post WILL be deleted.

★ Signature images must not be more than 150 pixels high by 250 pixels wide.

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